Current & Past Fellows

Screenshot of Endo Staff on a Zoom Call

Virtual Graduation and Transitions

After a year full of exciting challenges and animated transitions, we say goodbye to our graduating class and welcome our new fellows.  We will fondly look back and remember the time we shared growing together as physicians in this specialized field of medicine. Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Bruggeman we wish you the best as you transition to faculty positions at Auburn University and the University of Florida. 

Current Fellows

Past Fellows

Name Current Location Fellowship Period
Brittany Bruggeman University of Florida 2018-21
Chelsea Zimmerman Auburn University 2018-21
Paul Hiers University of Louisville 2017-20
Kristin Dayton University of Florida 2015-18
Laura Jacobsen University of Florida 2015-18
Giovanna Beauchamp University of Alabama College of Medicine 2014-17
Colette Meehan Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2013-16
Bimota Nambam Children’s Hospital of Richmond 2012-15
Joyce Gan Johns Hopkins 2010-13
Loreen Krani Abbeville General 2008-11