Current & Past Fellows

Screenshot of Endo Staff on a Zoom Call

Virtual Graduation and Transitions

As we say goodbye to our graduating class and welcome our new fellows, we celebrate and make memories of these transitions. We will fondly look back and remember the time we shared growing together as physicians in this specialized field of medicine. 

Current Fellows

Paul Hiers, M.D.

Dr. Hiers is a native Floridian and completed his undergraduate degree, medical school and pediatric residency at the University of Florida. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 18. His father also has type 1 diabetes. Through his family and personal experiences, he developed a passion to care for youth with type 1 diabetes. He volunteered at the Florida diabetes camps for the past 10 years in various roles as a counselor, rec staff, medical staff and board member. He looks forward to attending camp every year and working with children. His specific research interests in type 1 diabetes include improving care and easing the burden of disease for patients and families with the use of emergent technologies, such as CGMs and closed-loop insulin pumps. He also has interests with quality improvement in regards to improving overall care and value during hospital admissions and outpatient visits, as well as improving the systems around type 1 diabetes care.

Fellow research project:
“Introducing Continuous Glucose Monitoring Technology at Diagnosis in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes: A Proof of Concept Study.” Grant provided by DARE (Diabetes Action and Research Foundation)

–Data collection ongoing, anticipated completion March 2020

Paul Hiers

Chelsea Zimmerman, M.D.

Dr. Zimmerman is from Georgia originally and attended Auburn University for college and the Medical College of Georgia for medical school. She completed her pediatric residency training at the University of Florida and was thrilled to stay for fellowship as well. Dr. Zimmerman decided to become a pediatric endocrinologist when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 16. Since then, it has been her passion to care for children with this disease. She volunteered at several diabetes camps and became involved in clinical research projects, including screening children with diabetes for retinopathy and in diabetes technology trials. Through her fellowship training, she has also developed an interest in Graves’ disease and improving current therapies.

Fellowship Research:
Prevalence and characterization of retinopathy in children with type I diabetes using a non-mydriatic fundus camera
Prevalence and characterization of retinopathy in children with type II diabetes using a non-mydriatic fundus camera
Molecular mechanisms regulating iodine efflux in thyroid

Chelsea Zimmerman

Brittany Bruggeman, M.D.

Dr. Bruggeman is a native Floridian who grew up on the Space Coast. She is proud to be a quadruple Gator, having completed undergraduate, medical school, residency and now fellowship training at UF — go Gators! In her spare time, she enjoys taking her dogs to the farmers’ markets, going to concerts and plays with her husband, reading novels and spending time at Disney with her family. Her interest in endocrinology started at the Florida Diabetes Camp, where she has been a volunteer for seven years. Patient advocacy, both on the community and legislative level, is her focus and passion throughout training. Dr. Bruggeman is an active leader in the AAP Section on Pediatric Trainees, on the ADA’s Legislative and Regulatory Subcommittee, and she authored a top 10 AAP resolution entitled “Affordable Insulin Access for all Children With Diabetes.” Dr. Bruggeman has participated in meaningful diabetes research since 2011, and projects have ranged from translational research in developing a bioartificial pancreas in a mouse model to clinical research in determining the prevalence of retinopathy in children with type I diabetes. She plans to continue as a clinician-scientist as well as an advocate for kids with T1D in her career.

Fellowship Research Projects:
– “Promoting health equity for youth with type 1 diabetes through outreach, networks, and education: All for ONE!”
– “Prevalence and Characterization of Retinopathy in Children With Type 1 Diabetes Using a Non-Mydriatic Fundus Camera”
– “Fundal Photography as a Screening Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy in Pediatric Type 2 Diabetes”
– “Effect of Substance Use on Type 1 Diabetes Pancreas Histopathology”

Brittany Bruggeman

Past Fellows

Name Current Location Fellowship Period
Kristin Dayton University of Florida 2015-18
Laura Jacobsen University of Florida 2015-18
Giovanna Beauchamp University of Alabama College of Medicine 2014-17
Colette Meehan Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2013-16
Bimota Nambam Children’s Hospital of Richmond 2012-15
Joyce Gan Johns Hopkins 2010-13
Loreen Krani Abbeville General 2008-11
Laurie Minarich Cleveland Clinic 2009-12
Lisa Gallo University of South Carolina School of Medicine 2007-10
Hank Rohrs University of Florida College of Medicine 2006-09