Fun & Fit Wellness Center

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Our Mission Statement

The Fun & Fit Wellness Center is committed to educating our patient population on preventing the onset or progression of weight-related chronic diseases by promoting healthy lifestyle changes. We provide easily accessible local and general resources based on current nutrition, physical activity, and sleep guidelines.

Working Towards a Healthier Tomorrow

Description: The Fun & Fit Wellness Center is a resource booth in the lobby of the Children’s Medical Services Building of UF Health Shands. It was founded by Dr. Angelina Bernier in 2016.

We provide healthy eating, physical activity, and sleep resources to patients waiting in the lobby or referred to us by their respective physicians.

Meet Our Team

Assistant Program Director

Tran Le

Tran Le

Assistant Program Coordinator

Felicia Zhong

Director of Socials & Fundraisers

Victoria Alvarez

Director of Research and Recruitment

Michelle McGrath

Director of Resource Creation

Mattison Burriss


Katherine Figueroa

How Fun & Fit Can Help

Nutrition Needs

Provide information on nutrition needs – from heart health snacks to meal plans!

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Physical Activities

Discover physical activities your child can engage in.

Four kids stretching on a green mat

Sleeping Habits

Learn how to improve sleeping habits.

Child Sleeping in Bed

Connect with Community

Get connected to events in your community like cooking classes, grocery store tours, free sports programs, and more!

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Patient Resources

Here you will find a variety of nutrition, physical activity, and sleep resources to help you on your healthy lifestyle journey. If you are in the Gainesville area, there are a few local activities for you to check out!

Upcoming Events

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all grocery store tours and cooking demos have been halted. Once these programs have restarted, you will be able to find them listed here.


As of January of 2023, in-person booth activities have resumed in the CMS Pediatric clinic lobby. 

Description of Volunteer Activities:

  • The Center works to assess the physical literacy of children with overweight and obesity and provides them with tips for healthy eating, physical activity, and sleep. Through this opportunity, you will gain valuable clinical experience interacting with patients. Volunteers must be available for two consecutive semesters.
  • During a typical in-person semester, you will have direct contact with patients and work with other supervisors and people in the program to provide the best possible care. If interested or have any questions, please send an email to the Program Coordinator.