Metabolic & Obesity

Metabolic Team

The Pediatric Metabolic & Obesity program seeks to treat and prevent the serious complications that can develop from underlying hormone disorders related to excess weight gain. The multidisciplinary pediatric weight management program at UF, housed in the pediatric endocrine division, is located in the Children’s Medical Services building.  We care for children with both common and rare genetic forms of obesity by integrating both patient care and research investigations.  The mission of the program is to develop and demonstrate effective treatment models based on patient phenotypic and genetic characteristics. There are at least 5 Metabolic clinic sessions that take place per week. The multidisciplinary team consists of pediatric endocrinologists, expert generalist, a nurse practitioner, a registered dietitian with social work and mental health support co-located in our clinic space for most sessions.  All referred patients are over the 85th%ile for BMI with most over the 95th and present with some degree of metabolic complications including but not limited to NAFLD, hyperlipidemia, PCOS, or prediabetes.  Significant emphasis is placed on skill around modified motivational interviewing, with therapeutic recommendations after the initial screening and assessment.  The recommendations for lifestyle and behavior management will target the complications children and adolescents are at highest risk for exacerbating in a tiered approach with the end goal of facilitating weight loss. We apply a health screener to direct recommendations and track responses to change over time.  We are developing clinical research studies to investigate the effect of health mindset on the likelihood of response to clinical therapy or the implementation of clinical measures for prediction and monitoring of cardiorespiratory fitness.

Our Clinic Team Includes

  • Pediatricians
  • Pediatric Endocrinologists
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Registered dietitian
  • Social work support
  • Mental health referral support

Behavioral modification, food monitoring, diet and physical activity goal setting are addressed at each visit. Medical intervention and escalation of care to the extended UF pediatric multidisciplinary clinics are available as needed.

Patients are scheduled to be seen in a model similar to diabetes management every 2-4 months.

Families are connected and enrolled in community activities and nutrition programs for support in between visits.  We are working towards creating a registry to track patient data and outcomes.

Assistant Professor Fellowship Director

Angelina Bernier, M.D.

Angelina Bernier

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner

Shannon Patrick, ARNP

Shannon Patrick

Jacqueline Michel, D.O.

Jacqueline Michel

Michael Tan, MS, RD, LDN

Michael Tan


Abhaya Dilip

Fun & Fit Wellness Center

Abhaya Dilip


Fun & Fit Wellness Center

The Fun & Fit Wellness Center is a resource booth in the lobby of the Children’s Medical Services Building (CMS) of UF Health. The center provides healthy eating, physical activity, and sleep resources to patients waiting in the lobby or sent by their doctor.

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Family Nutrition Program

The UF/IFAS Extension Family Nutrition Program helps Florida families eat healthy on a budget. FNP has programs in 40 counties in Florida. We offer free nutrition education to SNAP-eligible Floridians of all ages.


Fun 4 Gator Kids

Fun 4 Gator Kids is your local resource for family friendly events and activities in Gainesville and surrounding areas. Listings include kids events, children programs and classes, youth sports, kids eat free directory, birthday party resources, rainy day activities, free fun for kids, summer camps and MORE fun things for kids and families to do in and around Gainesville.

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Phone: 352-265-7337
Pediatrician referral to Metabolic clinic 

Plan Your Visit

  • Parking Direction (request a parking pass at the front desk)
  • After checking in at lobby Kiosk please make your way over to the Fun & Fit Wellness Center near the elevator to complete the lifestyle screener
  • Your doctor will review the information in addition to the referral information center over by your Primary Care Provider.
  • Please bring a copy of any growth charts or laboratory studies performed prior to the visit