About Us

We educate our patients and their families about gender identity development and gender nonconformity and offer services for social and medical transitioning. As leading experts in the field, our team of professionals includes pediatric endocrinologists, psychologists, and psychiatrists. Our services are consistent with the World Professional Association For Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care and focus on the biological, psychological, as well as social (biopsychosocial) components of Trans health. Services provided include consultation, psychotherapy, and assessment of medical readiness for cross-sex hormone therapy. In addition to providing expert care, one of our goals is to provide a special environment where our patients and their families can interact and support one another.

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For appointments, call (352) 265-PEDS (7337)

The UF Pediatrics Access Center provides patients and their families with information about appointments, referrals, clinical services, and clinic locations. The UF Pediatrics Access Center is available to speak with you during regular business hours (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm EST).

Patients can request information by email or call (352) 265-PEDS (7337). Our fax number is (352) 627-4415. Please have primary care refer to Youth Gender Program at Pediatric Endocrinology.

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Corey Gallet de St. Aurin volunteers with UF Health’s Youth Gender Program

Inside a large organization, Corey Gallet de St. Aurin and the Youth Gender Program provide a safe spot for adolescents going through gender transitioning.

Never A Prince, Always A Princess: Hunter’s Story

Despite being born a male, Hunter had always insisted on playing with girl toys and wearing girls’ clothing. Looking for answers to explain her toddler’s female mannerisms, Hunter’s mother did the only thing she could think of – she sought the professional help of a psychiatrist.


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